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These Unstructured Days


How it came to be.  Just 3 months ago I wrote my first article on ‘How to survive the 6am-10pm’ on how crazy and hectic life was as a self-employed single parent with 3 children.  I had no foreseeability at all of the surreal times we are in the midst of in less than 3 months; in fact we might have welcomed the work break, even just for a few weeks.

Presentations, Fear and Mindfulness

Overcoming fear

One of the greatest fears people have is public speaking or giving a presentation.  As I’m preparing for another mindfulness presentation, to 120 staff at South Lanarkshire Council, I’m reminded of my own personal journey in presenting.

Unlike my children who are exposed to speaking in school solo talks and assembly from P1, my first real experience of this was in first year at University.  I still remember the Lecturer at the start of the year telling us we had a 10 minute presentation to do at the end of the year.  From that moment I was consumed by The Fear.  I didn’t have much confidence back then and was finding my feet at Uni; doing a presentation and being in the lime-light was not something I could even get my head around.  Of course, I did it and it felt uncomfortable as I was flustered and nervous, but it was done.