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These Unstructured Days


How it came to be.  Just 3 months ago I wrote my first article on ‘How to survive the 6am-10pm’ on how crazy and hectic life was as a self-employed single parent with 3 children.  I had no foreseeability at all of the surreal times we are in the midst of in less than 3 months; in fact we might have welcomed the work break, even just for a few weeks.

As a person who loves to feel like I’ve accomplished something every day or been as productive as I can be, I’m now challenging myself to keep the same mindset as before.  The clients and the classes have almost stopped, but I now have a new opportunity to adjust and once again get out my comfort zone.  I never would have dreamed I’d be doing ‘live’ yoga every morning back in January, never at all.  Now it’s about the only work I feel I can do.  Whether 2 people or 20 people are watching really isn’t my focus at the moment.  Yes I’d love to hear of hundreds of new followers and converts to yoga, without a shadow of a doubt; but, what I’ve found is that the routine of me getting up, showered, dressed and ready to teach each morning has boosted my mood and given me a sense of purpose.

Now please don’t take that the wrong way.  Yes, I have my 3 kids for the best part of the week and their emotional needs, ‘schooling’ and entertaining gives me a great sense of purpose.  But I’m sure I’m not the only person out there that has now come to realise just how much their work has been a part of them, their identity and sense of self-worth.  

I’m not the kind of person who wants to sit about all day watching movies, and I usually would spend a lot of my time outdoors during the school day.  So it’s quite an adjustment for us to find we are unable to enjoy the Spring we'd been so been longing for.   Once again I feel I need to apologise for what might be interpreted as being a bit selfish, given the bigger picture.  I’ve not lost sight of everything that I’m grateful for, especially whilst others are suffering and working very hard.  I’m exceptionally grateful every day for everything I still have and for the amazing support offered by clients, friends and families.  

I decided to write this article to air my feelings, and how I honestly feel and how I believe many many people are feeling.  I’m most concerned about people on their own, who now feel more isolated than ever.  My dismay as I go outdoors for a walk or a run at how many people seem to think social distancing means to avoid all eye contact, look the other way and to not even acknowledge people anymore.  I really had no idea that this virus was so virulent you could catch it by smiling at someone.  For that person living alone and venturing out for their once a day exercise to be met with such little human connection is seriously worrying.  

There’s a huge mental health crisis upon us now too.  Alcoholism, anxiety, depression, phobias, obesity and likely suicides are set to increase.  

So what can we do? What am I trying to do to normalise and adjust my life in what is really a crisis for us all?
I’m determined to stick to my working day plans.  To keep structure in my day with work and ‘school’ with kids.  To keep eating the way I ate before and nourish all of us as best we can.  I avoid watching the news.  I don’t think it’s helpful nor is it always very truthful about the bigger picture.  I get up and go to bed at the same time during the working week.  Every night I still count my blessings and mentally list everything I have gratitude for.  I still only drink alcohol on a Saturday night and that’s limited too.  I keep in contact with friends and family with FaceTime.  I also try not to get sucked into negativity with people that only want to talk about Corona virus and how we are all doomed.  How is that going to help your mental health, strengthen your immune system and keep you positive about life?

This is a time when we will become more resilient…it’s ok to have days where we feel like we are crumbling and feeling like we are just not coping.  I have those days too, don’t doubt that.  But you will get through this.  We all just have to keep on keeping going.  

For help and support with anxiety and stress contact julie@absolute-wellness.co.uk for CBT, mindfulness, yoga and relaxation.

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Mary Simpson

Really interesting , heartfelt article .

How so many are feeling but unable to Express them . Good for your wellbeing releasing your feelings in this way .

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