Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Here's a recent testimonial from a client that underwent Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with me to help address unhelpful thought patterns that were becoming all consuming around food.

"I ve had 5 weekly sessions of CBT with Julie to address my unhelpful thinking about food. I'm a very active university student and found the transition to university triggered unhelpful thought patterns around eating and weight gain.

Julie helped me identify unhelpful thought patterns that were affecting my feelings about myself and leading to unhelpful behaviours around food. Each week I had 'homework' to do and discuss each week. By recognising I can challenge some of my core beliefs, and use alternative thoughts about a situation, I have been able to feel like I'm back where I was before. I feel more positive about the future and expect I can draw on these skills should unhelpful thoughts arise in the future. Thanks Julie "

If you feel your thoughts about over-eating or under-eating are impacting on your life then CBT can help. Get in touch and you can start to feel like the real you again. 
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