Eilidh MacLeod Petrie

I started personal training sessions with Julie several years ago, not with the intention of losing a huge amount of weight but I wanted to get fitter and more toned and didn't really know what I was doing myself. At that time I'd never run the length of myself and wasn't that interested but she gradually broke me into it and I have now run several 10k races! The best things about the PT sessions are that no 2 are the same (which is great for someone who doesn't always love exercise!), and being outside instead of a gym all the time is so much nicer and healthier.

Julie's knowledge about nutrition and healthy eating is also fantastic with tips and suggestions of alternatives and better choices to make.
Since going to her yoga classes for about the past 3 years I have noticed a definite improvement in strength and flexibility and better postures to avoid aches and pains at work and the past few months where she has given me alternative positions for ante-natal yoga have been amazing, just wish I could have kept going for even longer!

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