Freddie McShannock

'Within 8 weeks I had reached my target weight, had run my first 5 k race, (in 24mins) and had dropped a full dress size. There was a real difference in the tone of my legs and bum (something I had never achieved before by myself).  More than anything I couldn't believe how good I felt within, my positivity, the increase in my energy levels and all of this was down to a few simple changes to my diet and regular exercise.  We read about this all the time in magazines but never really take it on board.  Three months on and the regular exercise is just part of my weekly routine, just like going to Tesco.

I meet up with Julie and to be honest it's good on two counts because I am getting the exercise and also anything that is on my mind I can offload. I still try to eat as healthy as possible but I do not deprive myself of anything (within reason). I would so recommend this to anyone.' 


Freddie still enjoys training with Julie x3 weekly for focus and motivation whilst fitting in family life and running a business.  Freddie also comes to jogging groups, yoga and circuits sessions for variety.

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