Lynne Marenghi

Lynne Marenghi

Lynne lost nearly 3 stone and over 6 inches from her hips and 5 inches from her waist in 4 months.  1 year on, Lynne has ran several 10Ks and completed Glasgows' Great Scottish Run/ half marathon.

'After many years of battling with my weight, losing it then piling on even more each time I stopped dieting, I decided that I had to try something I had never done before. For me this was exercise! When I started with Julie I was 4 stone over weight and was extremely unfit, I could not even jog for 2 minutes solid without nearly passing out. My main goals were fitness and weight loss and Julie was able to tailor a plan which individually suited my needs. We decided on a daily calorie intake and I send her my food diary weekly. This gives her the opportunity to guide me towards a healthy and well balanced diet. This has helped me immensely to think what I'm eating and ensure it is nutritious and healthy.  I still enjoy eating out and having an odd treat, just not as often as I used too.  By eating healthier I can feel the benefits of this as I'm not as lethargic as I was and have lots more get up and go. I would spend my days watching TV when not working but now I have the motivation and energy to do something more fulfilling.  Julie makes our sessions varied and interesting as I told her from the start I would get bored if I knew I was going to be doing the same thing every week, and she never lets me down.'
Lynne comes to yoga and Saturday circuits.


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