Nicola Lillian

My Mum and I had two 2 hour workshops with Julie .  The first one focused on nutrition, weight management and yoga nidra; the next one focused on yoga and CBT for weight management for me and anxiety for my Mum.  I cannot tell you the difference I felt personally after the first workshop.  I have 3 young children, one of them is on the spectrum and for this past year I have had a constant battle with my weight and I have felt like I have had no control of how much or what I was eating.  

I felt as if Julie waved a magic wand and something just clicked.  I did not dive into a super strict eating plan even though Julie's plan is not actually strict at all.  I havent restricted myself I have simply just changed my eating habits and introduced exercise into my life.  I have lost just over half a stone in 3-4 weeks without doing anything dramatic.  It's not all about weight loss, I feel so much healthier/fitter and much more positive and happy.  I don't feel as stressed and feel for the first time in a long time that I have control over my eating and my stress levels. 

I would highly recommend contacting Julie and seeing her different services which could help you.  I look forward to more sessions.  I could honestly write so much more, I can't thank Julie enough. 

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