Ante & Post Natal

Emotional wellbeing and fitness to prepare you for birth and after pregnancy...

Ante & Post Natal

JulieHaving a baby is life changing in so many ways but most of all your body goes through so many changes both physically and emotionally as it prepares for birth. 
I have 3 children and so I can fully understand how difficult some of the challenges of pregnancy can be, for example, sickness, nausea, heartburn, pubis synthesis disorder and extreme tiredness.  (there are so many many more!!!)  Follow this with birth itself and the hormonal changes and challenges of breast feeding... its no wonder new Mothers feel overwhelmed.

Ante natal period - Personal Training and Ante Natal Yoga

You might be feeling confused with whats normal, how big you are or scared at the thought of labour and Motherhood.  Exercising has great benefits for you and your baby during pregnancy however most important is ensuring that you don't overheat and that your heart rate doesnt go above 65%. 
I can do PT sessions in the comfort of your own home and with siblings around too.  Yoga is also a perfect option to help you to prepare for birth both physically, emotionally and mentally.  I help you with breathing techniques and positions to strengthen your back, neck, legs and pelvic floor.  These postures can also help to get your baby in the right postition for a natural birth.   Where theres demand for a class I do these too so please get in touch if you're interested in a class.

What our Clients say...

Benefits of exercising whilst pregnant:


  • exercise will make you feel better emotionally and have a positive outlook
  • assist with weight management and reduced fat accumulation
  • will help you return to your pre-pregnancy weight and fitness a lot quicker
  • can relieve backache and help with postural awareness
  • improved circulation and therefore reduced chance of lower leg swelling, cramps or varicose veins
  • can help ease constipation and encourage you to drink more water
  • during gentle exercise (walking and swimming) you can practise visualisation techniques for using in labour
  • helps keep Mum to be relaxed