For corporate stress management training, stress risk assessments or helping to cope with your own personal stress...

Corporate Stress Management Training

Corporate Stress ManagementCurrent clients include South Lanarkshire Council for mindfulness sessions, Central Scotland Green Network Trust for yoga classes and Maggies Centres in North Lanarkshire and Glasgow for yoga classes.

Employers have a legal duty to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of their employees, and although this requirement has been around for nearly 20 years, it is only in more recent years that case law has recognised this to cover an employees mental health.  Management are under significant pressure to 'get it right' when dealing with interpersonal situations, for example, disciplinaries and redundancy.  Sometimes Managers struggle with this aspect of management - the 'people management' part of business that is crucial in building good, trusting relationships and getting the most out of a team of employees.

I worked for 5 years in a worldwide manufacturing organisation and understand first-hand the culture and 'make-up' within the corporate world.  As an Occupational Health and Safety Trainer, I designed and delivered training to Managers on stress management and stress risk assessments.  I will tailor any training package to suit the nature and scale of your business.  The 3 'stress' packages I offer are:

1. Stress Management Training for Managers - 1 day session
2. Stress risk assessments - 1 day session
3. Stress awareness sessions - 1 hour
4. Yoga/ relaxation classes - 1 hour
5. Mindfulness sessions at Wellness/ Health events 30min -1 hour

Back Pain Management

A 2.5 hour workshop covering the factors contributing to back pain and pain management through suitable yoga and mindfulness techniques. 

For Corporate bookings for Stress Management Training for Managers and Stress Awareness sessions please contact us to discuss 


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Cognitive Behaviour TherapyCognitive Behavioural Therapy is another approach that can work well in either a group or one-to-one setup.  This may be suitable where an individual has repeated negative thought patterns that affect their behaviour or emotions. The essence of these sessions is to change the unhelpful, negative patterns of thought and behaviour into new helpful and positive behaviours that can be practiced.  Normally 6 weekly sessions, together with some additional work to be completed by the individual, will get the best outcome possible.  

Personal Stress Management

Personal Stress ManagementEveryone will experience pressures and demands at some point in their life that feel overwhelming.  It is when this pressure goes on for an excessive period of time that it becomes a problem, and what we know to be stress.  Stress is not a positive state (although healthy levels of pressure can be), and can lead to physical, emotional and physiological problems with both short and long term effects.  Long term illnesses can have a serious effect on your life, for example, heart disease, stroke, cancers, depression, anxiety, diabetes and weight problems... just to name a few.



Relaxation is a very useful skill to learn and some relaxation sessions may help you to cope better with stress when life is hard. During Yoga sessions there will be teaching of breathing techniques, muscle relaxation and visualisation.  Students will feel relaxed but alert to enable them to focus clearly on their work after a yoga session...and the techniques learned will become trying to understand the stressful events and how you perceive them. 

Physical activity is widely recognised to help with stress management and even if its going for a walk and talking about indispensable for a calmer and more measured approach to life.


Yoga is life-changing.  Its not just about flexibility but more the subtle changes you will notice in your mind and how your body shape changes.  

Some benefits include:

  1. reducing stress
  2. breathing awareness and relaxation
  3. reduce likelihood of back pain
  4. rehabilitation and recovery from injury
  5. strengthening 
  6. improved respiratory function especially with asthmatics
  7. improved circulation
  8. better quality sleep
  9. happier and more contented, as better able to live in the moment
  10. weight management or weight loss through having less desire to overeat or eat through emotional reasons.

What our Clients say...

Maggies Cancer Charity

South Lanarkshire Council

Central Scotland Green Network Trust