Weight Management

Weight Management & Yoga Workshop

The  'Yoga and Weight management' workshop can now be run from your own home with as little as 2 of you.  Also suitable for larger groups of up to 8 participants.

 All you need is space in your home or back garden.


 This workshop will change your life and the way you think about food, by confronting the underlying reasons for over-eating or other problem eating patterns.


 Combined with yoga, affirmations, CBT and a nutrition plan,  over 3 hours and for as little as £40 per person.


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Achieve your healthy weight with the right attitude to food and exercise...

Weight Management

FruitPut simply, we need to get the balance right between eating and exercise to maintain a healthy body weight.  If we take in more calories than we expend then we are gradually going to put on the pounds. 

Unfortunately most of us will battle with our weight at some point in our lives, but for some people the relationship between food and weight is unhealthy and has become all consuming in their thoughts and actions.  Often a significant life event (for example, a bereavement, a serious injury or having children) has changed your attitude towards food, leading you to use food as a crutch or something to do when you are bored, upset, angry or tired.  This is known as emotional eating and we often dont realise we are doing it... or even notice that we have just eaten our way through a packet of biscuits!
Being able to understand your eating behaviour and thought patterns can greatly help you change the way you see food.  If you are an emotional eater and 'suitable' for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy sessions then I will suggest this to you and we can plan 6 weekly sessions focusing solely on this aspect of weight management.

What our Clients say...

So here's where I can help...

  • A bespoke 7-day food plan, based on your food preferences - I will calculate how many calories you should be taking in daily, based on your activity levels, age, gender and your current weight, to ensure you lose between 1-2lbs a week.*
  • I will advise you on what your realistic weight should be and agree on a timescale for achieving this.
  • I will give you honest feedback on your food diary every day or weekly (online too if preferred) to ensure you continue to lose weight.
  • I will help you exercise at a level that is suitable for you but challenging too.
  • I will monitor your progress by taking measurements at least monthly (including weight, BMI, waist to hips ratio)
  • I will give you weekly updates on food and nutrition to help keep you stay motivated and on track.

    *Bespoke Food Plan - £30 for 7 day unique plan